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New York’s Oppressive Gun Laws will cost the State.

February 24, 2013

I’ve sent the following letter to several papers and the cc at the end:

An Open letter to the Citizens of New York and its government;

I am William V Kone, the seventh generation to be born in Tompkins County New York.  Because of Military Service, I have not lived in New York for over half my life.  In that time I kept my residency in New York because I always planed on returning when I retired.  I have now given up that hope and my residency.

It only seems fair to give the reason for this decision to sever ties with a State that my family has been an active part of since 1794.  The final act by the government of New York that has caused this is the recent passing of yet another anti-firearm law.  That is the last straw.

For years I let NYS tax my income even while stationed in other states, paid the high fees to register and inspect my cars, paid high property taxes, struggled though excessive regulations, and begged for permission to own a firearm even though it is a right listed in the Constitution I have sworn to protect and defend.

But no more.  The recent oppressive law will not allow me to bring home my firearms, will make me a felon for a “violent” crime of having empty magazines (a “crime” that only exists in 5 other states), prohibit me from ever giving my firearms to my daughters, restrict my ability to protect my family, and make it a crime to have more than 7 bullets for my daughters to protect themselves with.

That was too much. On top of all the other issues, the high taxes on income, the high sales taxes, high property taxes, excessive rules on land use, restrictions on building homes, large number of fees and fines, high crime rates, the high cost of living, and low quality of roads and services this law and the new ones being proposed to take away all semi-auto rifles is too much.

Some of you are saying “good riddance, we don’t need your type here anyways”. I’m sorry you feel that way, New York is losing a stable family that is highly educated, hard working, has a history of public service.  No more will I pay taxes to NYS, sales, income or any fees.  I won’t be setting up a business after I retire in New York.  My kids are not likely to go to college in NYS or get jobs here.

New York is losing a firefighter/Paramedic, Emergency Manager, and military vet in me, and an Industrial Engineer and Minister in my spouse. We won’t be building our dream home that generates property tax, we wont be earning income in New York to be taxed on, we won’t be paying the high cost of living that generates sales taxes.

We will be retiring to some place that respects our Constitutional listed rights, that does not treat us as sources of funding for others, that provides good service for the taxes they do collect, and is more responsive to the voters. (and able to budget with out massive debt servicing).  We are looking at Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and New Hampshire.

We will still visit, just not as often, or need to as more of the family moves out of state.  I would urge others to look at how the state treats you, and consider moving.  If you do, write the Governor and state officials, let them know why and what the state is losing when you do.

To the Citizens of New York, We live in a Republic, we don’t have to stay where we are not wanted or are treated badly.  Other states are excited to have firearm owners who will work hard and are good neighbors.

To the government of New York, repealing this recent bad law won’t get me to return.  The state needs to make fundamental changes. It can’t keep treating working citizens as piggy banks to be taxed, fee’ed and fined at will to fund inefficient unneeded programs.  It shouldn’t and can’t keep restricting the basic rights of the Citizens of New York.  You don’t own us, we will leave.

William V Kone, BSc, NREMT-P

currently serving in US Military in a unit in Wheeling WV.

Former tax payer and resident of the Town of Caroline, Tompkins county.

cc: Governor Cuomo; LT Gov. Duffy; Comptroller DiNapoli; AG Schneiderman; Sectary Perales; Sen. Seward; Assembly Woman Lifton; Mayor Myrick; Supervisor Barber


Mayor Myrick and Supervisor Barber are outspoke gun haters.  Barber is well known for calling all semi-automatic rifles “automatic machine-guns” or “rapid fire automatic guns”.  I doubt it will do much, this letter, but i’m hoping others will see this and give thought to leaving.  I don’t think NY will change.  The system is to stacked to keep the existing power mad representatives in power.

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  1. Nelson Mix permalink
    February 24, 2013 19:29

    Well said nephew. I am in the exact same situation as you. I am a 6th generation Tompkins County resident, highly educated, tax paying, active duty commissioned officer with over 20 years of public service while stationed away from NY. I too had every intention of coming back to NY after retirement- until the NY SAFE gun act.

    Prior to our ancestors helping settle the state they fought against their tyrancial, fellow British countrymen in the American Revolution. We have a sense of community and under standing of history. We dont fit the profile of criminals, but rather desirable NY state citizens. The NY SAFE gun act is the last straw to break the camel’s back.

    There are several issues that I find politicially worthy of dicussion and letter writing (the economy and debt, fracking, etc), but only the gun issue is enough to push me out of the state. We all generally want the same thing ideologicially, and have different ways of going about it (hence different political parties, etc). To me, Florida is looking pretty good right now.

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